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Independent Artists

As an independent artist, whether you’re part of a band or have a solo career, the music industry has become unrecognisable from the predictable ‘record factory’ that it was until the early 2010’s. Now more than ever, it’s not necessarily the artists with the best music that prosper in the long run but those who have the best infrastructure and team behind them. Digital strategists, videographers and marketers are equally as important as great pluggers, producers and promoters. Having the right network to facilitate and advance your career is no longer a luxury, it’s an essential.

We provide a full 360(degrees) management service to our artists to allow them to focus solely on the creative element of their career whilst leaving our team and network to strategically develop and manage the off-stage and business aspects of their career.

Each artist has a specifically developed development plan that’s structured around and aligned with the artist’s unique goals and objectives.

With a network that now spans three continents and 6 countries, our team are hand picked professionals whose values align with our core vision and philosophy and are strategically placed to help our partner artists penetrate not only the UK markets but internationally as well.

Session Musicians

Carving out a career as a session musician has become increasingly difficult over the last twenty years. The good news is that there is still plenty of studio, live and touring work available for the best musicians. Our team currently represent a small number of highly skilled musicians that perform on the West-End, in Nashville Studios and in function and tribute shows across the entire globe. 

Our session musician management service offers our partner musicians chance to pitch for some of the best contracts and gigs in the world as well as assisting with travel arrangements, tax and financial planning, and visa applications amongst other things.

Addition to our roster is strictly by application and audition only.

Function Bands

As with our independent artists, we offer our functions bands a full 360 management service, taking away all the hassle of dealing with their agents, lawyers, accountants and other things and people that detract from delivering their clients a great show. 

In line with our philosophy of ‘Letting Musicians Make Music’, in 2019, we began offering full customer support packages to our bands and now manage the entire booking process on behalf of 24 of the function bands that we represent.

2020 will see the launch of our dedicated office in Dubai which will represent four of the UAE’s finest professional bands across the Middle East and even further afield in addition to our UK function interests.


Over the years, our team has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in respect of how all aspects of the music and media industry operate. We also know that some artists still prefer to handle every aspect of their own career and essentially manage themselves.

That’s why last year, we launched our AMS training series’. Our team have delivered training sessions, seminars and courses across the world in London, Birmingham, Dubai, Nashville, New York, Los Angeles and even Singapore.

These range from guest lectures at Universities to stand-alone residential courses covering all aspects of music management. Please visit our training page to see what events are coming up