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Artist Management Services is proud to be able to share our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement, detailing our commitment as a business to seeing that our impact extends far beyond the realms of music management. In everything we do, our aim is to operate in a socially responsible manner, both internally and externally. Our statement sets out just some of the examples of how, as a business and as individuals, we work in a community-conscious way. If you have questions about our CSR Statement, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to provide additional information. 

CSR Statement

For AMS, success is not simply defined by achievement of our business aims, but also in the way we enrich the lives of our employees and our various communities. We have also been in a fortunate enough position to be able to support a number of different charitable causes over the years that have been close to our hearts. Some of our employees have even been able to make an impact in a more direct way, by lending their skills to projects both at home in the UK and abroad. 

AMS is proud to have a dedicated CSR Team, whose remit involves taking projects from conception to implementation, and then monitoring the effectiveness of these over time. The CSR team is comprised of team members from different arms of the business as we feel that collaboration across different skill sets benefits both the projects, and the experience of the people working on them. 

We feel strongly that part of our CSR is looking after our own. We want people to feel valued; nurturing and encouraging incoming and existing team members by expanding their skills and experiences is something we’re passionate about. Understanding this is in no way complicated: by delivering outstanding CPD, we see our team deliver exceptional and friendly service to our clients. Whether through cultural visits, attended business conferences or spending time working with companies outside our immediate network, we make people feel part of the AMS family. 

Community means more than just the people and places within walking distance from our front door. Artist Management Services exists in a global society, with our clients ranging across the world – from a ten-minute drive down the road, to studios in Nashville thousands of miles away. As such, we feel duty-bound to see that our skills and gifts as AMS employees are not used solely for achieving our business aims, but also to improve the lives of others. As a business, we have been fortunate enough to be able to support a number of local charities close to our hearts that have accomplished remarkable feats over the years: making roads safer for young cyclists, the upgrading of vital hospital equipment, supporting global safeguaring projects, releasing staff regularly to support locals school and academies both technically and creatively as well as roles as trustees and governors and helping to collect for local food banks, to name just some.

As previously mentioned, AMS has also seen its employees work with projects in a more practical on way. Above, you can watch Ellie recount her experience in Tanzania and how her skills in sports coaching were used to enrich the lives of children living in one of the most impoverished areas in the region as well as a video about our team’s 3-peak challenge!.