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About The Business

Having been trading since 2014, Artist Management Services became a Ltd company in the UK in 2020 but has operated across North America, Dubai and the whole of Europe, centrally based from small offices in a picturesque village just outside of Nottingham in the UK for the last five years.

The central team consists of 12 people but the associate network now spans three continents and sits at 39 partners representing the interests of over 290 musicians and creatives from across the globe but mainly from the UK and USA.

AMS is a business that’s been built from scratch to accommodate the needs of the modern working musician in every way. Whether that’s a high-flying solo artist, an independently signed band or a world class cellist, modern musicians and creatives have very broad requirements from their management in order to maximise and realise their lifestyle enjoyment and long term career objectives.

Increasingly over the last decade, the traditional model of music management hasn’t met those needs and in order to realign, a completely fresh approach was needed.

S.L.A.M. Model

The AMS model or working is built around four key pillars; Strategic Planning, Lifestyle Maximisation, Attitude Alignment and Managed Execution. Our S.L.A.M. model has been refined over the last five years and is now recognised as the one of the most effective models for working musicians today.


Strategic Planning

The musicians that we work with are all full-time professionals who are carving a career in the industry that they love. It’s no secret that the Music Business is remarkably volatile and difficult to navigate and without a defined strategy, making a long term living out of the industry is nearly impossible except for the lucky 0.1%.

Our team work with our clients on long term goals that covers the musical aspects of their career but also the less glamorous side like pension planning, creation of digital assets, royalty collection, legal agreements, investment, CPD and more.

The principle is that ‘Nothing is left to chance’. Every decision is made intentionally, in line with the agreed and defined strategy.

Lifestyle Maximisation

There’s no point in having a career in music if you don’t enjoy it. As well as strategically planning long term financial and career goals, we also look to create a sustainable lifestyle plan that aligns with the desires of our clients. For many, this means travelling all over the world with their live show and seeing incredible places. Many want to be able to collaborate with lots of other artists and meet lots of new people. Some clients want to go completely ‘Off Grid’ for six months, some just want to play at festivals or weddings and live the complete ‘Rock & Roll’ lifestyle; no one is the same.

Our team help our clients focus not only on the destination but also on enjoying the journey and achieving the lifestyle that they want whilst in pursuit of their ultimate goal.


Attitude Alignment

Nothing ruins great musical stories like a good ‘Fall out’. Whether the band fall out, the artist and manage have a bust up, whatever it is, there’s countless artists who never fulfilled their potential because their attitudes and values weren’t aligned with their partners.

Early on in the relationship with our clients, we focus on their ‘Why?’. What makes them tick, what motivates them, what’s the ‘Difference’ that they want to make? Once we’ve got these key questions answered, it allows us to build a team around them that compliments them and speeds up their journey, not hinders it.

Having a clearly defined ‘Why?’ makes managing an artist 10x easier. Decisions are made not purely on practicality and financial principles but on the values and vision of an artist.

Managed Execution

An artist can have the best material, strategy and defined values in the world but without quality execution, it’s neither use nor ornament.

An artist’s manager’s ultimate job is to put everything previously discussed into practice and to create and manage a crack team to see each aspect of the artist’s development plan come to fruition. Such teams include producers, musicians, PR experts, videographers, even mortgage and financial advisers, all of who Artist Management Services Ltd have strong existing links with across the UK, Europe and North America.